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Listen, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Closer, let me whisper in your ear, say the words you long to hear ... Here's a list of Beatles' facts that you may find it interesting and want to have a look.

"A Day In The Life" and "Lady Madonna" were inspired by newspaper stories
"A Day In The Life", the final chord was performed by all four Beatles on separate pianos
"All My Loving" and "And I Love Her" were written for Jane Asher, Paul's girlfriend
"Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite", the lyrics came from an old poster John had bought at an antique shop advertising a variety show
"Eight Days a Week" was coined by Ringo when he tried to describe the band's heavy work schedule. John heard it and decided to use it in a song
"Eleanor Rigby" was an imaginary name, but a woman of the same name was living in Liverpool at the time
"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" was the longest Beatles song title
"Love Me Do" was the Beatles first hit in Britain
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" was inspired by a painting John's son Julian had painted of a nursery school friend named Lucy
"Nowhere Man" recorded on October 21 and 22, 1965 was the first Beatles song that wasn't about love.
"P.S. I Love You" was written by Paul for his girlfriend, Dot Rohne
"Roll Over Beethoven" and "Rock and Roll Music" were both written by Chuck Berry
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was the first album to contain printed lyrics as part of the packaging
"The End" was the last original Beatles song to be recorded by all four Beatles at once in August 1969
"Till There was You" was composed by Meredith Willson for the movie "The Music Man", before the Beatles made their own recording of the song
"When I'm 64" was inspired by Paul's dad, Jim McCartney, who was 64 years old
"Yesterday" has been recorded more than any other Beatles song
"You Really got a Hold on Me" was made popular by Smokey Robinson
George and Patty, to whom he engaged later, met on the set of "A Hard Day's Night"
George called the groupies who hung out at Apple Records "Apple Scruffs"
George had his own group "The Rebels", before he joined "The Quarrymen"
George named "Blue Jay Way" after a house he had rented in London
George named his new label "Dark Horse" after the breakup
George was a Pisces, a zodiac sign known for moodiness and creativity
George was taught by Ravi Shankar, "the sultan of the sitar", for playing the sitar
George was the first band member to tour America post-breakup
George was the first Beatle to release a solo album
George wrote "I Need You" about his girlfriend, Patty Boyd
George's favorite candy is jelly babies
George's parents were Harold and Louise Harrison
George's wife Patty had an affair with another rocker - Eric Clapton. He wrote the song "Layla" for her
John and Yoko made a film that consisted solely of John smiling - for 90 minutes
John composed more Beatles songs than Paul, the final scores were John 119 and Paul 99
John did not want George in the band as he thought he did not fit the band's "tough guy" image
John joined Elton John on stage in Madison Square Garden in 1974 - singing his new hit "Whatever Gets You Through The Night", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "I Saw Her Standing There". In turned out to be his last live performance
John named his cat Jesus
John never actually said "We're bigger than Jesus." He just said "We're more popular than Jesus now."
John once used the pseudonym "Dr. Winston O'Boogie"
John quipped, "The people in the cheap seats clap. The rest of you just rattle your jewellery." at a performance attended by the Royal Family
John recorded the album "Sometime in New York City" with Elephant's Memory
John returned his Member of the British Empire medal to Buckingham Palace as an anti-war protest on 25th November, 1969. He said in his letter to the Queen, in protest against his single "Cold Turkey" slipping down the charts
John returned to live performance just as he announced that he was leaving the Beatles, creating the Plastic Ono band, which included Eric Clapton and later George Harrison and Keith Moon in the "Plastic Ono Supergroup"
John said that "Ticket To Ride" was "one of the earliest heavy metal records made"
John studied at the Liverpool College of Art
John was brought up by his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George
John was kicked out of his junior school after he attacked a girl for having a nicer bike than he had
John was legally blind without his glasses
John was the author of the books "A Spaniard in the Works" and "In His Own Write"
John was topless when he recorded "Twist And Shout"
John was quoted saying "I don't believe in The Beatles" on the cover of his solo album
John wore a toilet seat around his neck when the Beatles performed in Hamburg,
John's Aunt Mimi didn't approve of the guitar and told him "The guitar is all right, John, but you'll never make a living at it."
John's biggest early influence was Elvis Presley
John's first wife was Cynthia Powell, with whom he had son Julian
John's middle name, before he switched it to Ono, was Winston (for Churchill)
John's mother gave him a second-hand guitar, which had cost her ten pounds
John's parting comment was "I hope we passed the audition" after the Beatles played their last concert
John's passion for peace was memorialized in New York's Central Park, where a section has been sanctioned off as "Strawberry Fields" and a mosaic with the word "Imagine"
John and Paul called themselves the "Nurk Twins" when they tried to make it as a duo
John and Paul appeared on "The Tonight Show" (with guest host Joe Garagiola) on 14th May, 1968, to announce that their company, Apple, desires to help young artists
When John invited Paul to join the skiffle band the Quarrymen in the mid fifties, the group played traditional American folk songs with acoustic guitars
Paul had once been engaged to Jane Asher before he married Linda
Paul played drums on "Come Together" and "Ballad of John and Yoko"
Paul played his guitar left-handed
Paul sang background vocals on Donovan's "Mellow Yellow"
Paul was a Gemini, a notoriously creative zodiac sign
Paul was routinely the first dressed for performances
Paul was the Beatle who officially dismantled the group because he went to court to do so
Paul was the first Beatle to go on tour after the band broke up
Paul was the middle name of Paul McCartney - his full name was James Paul McCartney
Paul woke up one morning with the tune to "Yesterday" in his head
Although Paul had dreamt up the tune to "Yesterday" there were still no lyrics. Originally he'd sing "scrambled eggs, you've got such pretty legs" the tune became known as "Scrambled Eggs" until he came up with the words to "Yesterday"
Paul's album "Band on the Run" was recorded in Lagos and Nigeria, Africa
Paul's father, James, had been a professional jazz band leader in the 1920's
Paul's one of the most beloved women was his sheepdog Martha
Paul's working title for "Hey Jude" was "Hey Jules"
Rumors that the "real" Paul had died in a 1966 car accident were fueled when a Miami voice specialist claimed he heard "three Pauls" in recordings of the singer
Ringo appeared on the inside cover of George's "Living in a Material World" album
Ringo became a Beatle in 1962
Ringo had two sons, Zack and Jason
Ringo once aspired to be a hairdresser
Ringo played drums for Rory Storme and "The Hurricanes" before the Beatles
Ringo was reared in a section of Liverpool called Dingle
Ringo's first complete Beatles song was "Don't Pass Me By"
Ringo's first hit single as a solo artist was "It Don't Come Easy"
Ringo's real name listed as "Richard Starkey"
Ringo's salary was just ?5 when he started playing with the Beatles
When Ringo replaced Pete Best as the drummer and fans once chanted "Pete Forever, Ringo Never!"
"The Quarrymen" came from Quarrybank High School, where John was a student
"The Beatles" was named by Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles original band member
The Beatles' Apple Corps. label was designed by a fellow named Gene Mahon
The Beatles' best-selling album worldwide to date is 1968's "The Beatles (The White Album)" and the best-selling single is "Hey Jude"
The Beatles early recording "My Bonnie" was the single that first caught the attention of Brian Epstein
The Beatles film "Help!" was filmed in Nassau (Bahamas) and the Austrian Alps
The Beatles' first professional recording was as backup to Tony Sheridan using the name "Beat Boys" on the song "My Bonnie" in June of 1961
The Beatles' first single released In England was "Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You"
The Beatles gave their first live American concert at Washington Coliseum
The Beatles gave their last concert in San Francisco's Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966
The Beatles left a Birmingham concert disguised as policemen
The Beatles once called themselves "The Silver Beatles"
The Beatles original band member Stuart Sutcliffe left the Beatles to pursue a painting career
The Beatles performed together for the last time live on 30th January, 1969, singing many songs, on the roof of Apple's London office. The scenes were included in what became the documentary "Let It Be"
The Beatles recorded their first album "Please Please Me" in one marathon session, which was less than 10 hours
The Beatles were called "Johnny and the Moondogs" at one point in 1959
The Beatles were first signed by Parlophone record company
The Beatles were made members of the Order of the British Empire on June 12, 1965
The early Beatles were rejected by Decca Records
The young Beatles moved on to the larger Kaiserkeller after playing clubs in Hamburg. After their fifth month there, George was deported because he was 17 - underage for clubs. Therefore Pete Best and Paul followed him home
In 1964, a Detroit group of Beatles-hates formed a protest movement to drive the Beatles back to England. Their slogan was "Stamp Out the Beatles"
In February, 1968, The Beatles stayed a few weeks at Rishikesh, India, to attend a Transcendental Meditation seminar hosted by Maharishi at his center
The Beatles last studio album was "Abbey Road", although it was released before "Let It Be"
In September, 1969, John decided to "divorce" the Beatles, but he did not announce it publicly because of contract negotiations taking place with EMI
On 10th April, 1970, Paul announced publicly that he had left The Beatles
The Beatles broke up in 1970
When the movie "Let It Be" premiered in London on 20th May,1970 , none of the Beatles attended
After the breakup, John George and Ringo were all handled by the same agent, Allen B. Klein. Paul was handled by Lee Eastman, Linda's father
All three surviving Beatles had appeared on the TV series "The Simpsons"

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